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Locking Pin Backs

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You’ll receive two locking pin backs when you place your order. Some enamel pins will only require one so you’ll have a spare, and then there is the rare occasion where your pin will have more than two posts so you’d need to buy another set to cover all 3+ posts.

What’s a locking pin back?

Locking pin backs are the best way to make sure your favorite enamel pins don’t rip right off and get lost. Unlike a butterfly clasp or a rubber backing, this design makes it much harder to remove once you’ve locked them into place. They’re also more comfortable on your skin and are less likely to catch on fabrics they rub up against.

How to put one on:

Getting a locking pin back on your enamel pins is super easy – just slide the back right onto the pin post just like you would with your traditional rubber or butterfly clasp backings.

How to remove a locking pin back:

Unlike some on the market, our locking pin backs don’t require any special tools to remove them from your pin. To remove, pull the two parts away from one another which will in turn release the inner locking system.

The trick is to hold the large flat disc (located on the top of the locking pin back) firmly while pulling away from the pin itself.

It takes a little getting used to but once you have the hang of it, you’re good to go.