Independently Owned & Operated

Artists take comfort in knowing we’re independently owned so there’s no bigwig investors we need to get approval from for products and our mission and values will always remain consistent.

Donating to the Greater Good

It’s important to us to give back whenever possible so a portion of our proceeds are donated to various animal and human rights groups both locally and internationally. 

The Home of Rebellion Republic

We're inside a mill building built in the 1800’s that’s been repurposed into office and living space. The length of our space has 15 foot tall windows for lots of natural light and we’ve installed materials on them to keep heat in during the winter and stop us from roasting in the summer. We’ve also outfitted all of our fixtures with LED efficient bulbs.

Commitment to Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

Once a month we pick up a local eco salon’s clean bubble wrap and air pockets they’ve received in shipments to reuse in packages sent to our customers. Our shipping label backings are recyclable but we actually reuse those as package filler too. Test shirts become rags, scrap paper goes into a box for reuse, and anything we can’t reuse, we do our best to recycle or compost. We typically only take out our garbage once a month! 

Earth Friendly Machines & Non-Toxic Inks

We chose our machines for their low energy footprint and their compatibility with non-toxic inks and pre-treats – our shirt printer is one of the only non-toxic ones on the market. This means our products use less energy to be made and the output is safer for our employees who handle them and our customers who wear them. 

Responsible Raw Materials

Our in house t-shirt and hoodie materials are high quality and super soft and they’re from factories that aren’t sweat shops nor do they use child labor. We’ve also begun partnering with a great company that offers vegan PETA certified fabrics. Even our poly mailers and shipping labels are made from recycled materials and are recyclable themselves.


Alongside our incredible warehouse team, graphic artists, printers, and office support
we’d like to introduce you to the the leaders of Rebellion Republic.



With over twenty years in the record label and music merchandise industry, Oscar has gained the knowledge, experience and expertise to make sure your merchandise not only looks great, but that it's innovative and exactly what your fans are wanting. He'll be your partner every step of the way and he's the guy every artist wants in their corner.



Sarah's past experience holding the position of COO gives her the tools to keep us running at peak condition. She's behind the scenes ensuring artists have an impeccable experience from start to finish and thrives in socially and Earth-minded business operations while also owning an internationally multi-time awarded photography company.



Born in Okinawa, Japan and residing in Los Angeles, this master of graphic design has been creating and distorting images for over two decades. With skills in Photoshop and Illustrator, Hattori not only creates unique designs but he also dominates the industry with his complex art separation abilities; he's the absolute best at making your designs come to life.



Brian likes to print things, play music, write books, problem solve AND he used to be in a band so he knows all about life on the road. With travels to all over the US and over 3 continents, you can basically say he's a worldly fellow. Calm, cool, collected, and always ready for a good prank, Brian is set to get you everything you need and more. We call him the regulator.

Smarter Reports

Our royalty reports are better than the industry standard with insights, details, and a healthy dose of analytics so you’ll have a better idea about what the fans are loving and what they aren’t. This helps you effectively plan future merch for mailorder and for when you’re out on the road.


We take a proactive and collaborative approach to your merch instead of just waiting for you to come up with new ideas. And we don’t believe everyone on our roster should get the same cookie cutter merch – it’s about what works best for each individual band.

Better Control, More Designs & Less Stock Issues

Through our top of the line Direct to Garment (DTG) machine for mailorder we’re able to produce shirts that are on the same level as their screenprint counterparts and give you a whole new level of control over your merchandise. 

The flexibility of DTG is endless so you can try new designs or do short limited releases and you’ll also have the ability to refresh your store offerings quicker. Your fans will be more engaged with the frequent release of new designs and happier because less items will fall out of stock. All of this encourages more return visits which in turn results in more sales.

Quality from our DTG Machine for Mailorder

DTG technology has grown leaps and bounds over just the past five years and ours is one of the best on the market. We knew the needs of our band’s art was going to push the limits  and we couldn’t be happier with the results it consistently puts out.

Take a look at the pictures below to see the quality, wide range of colors, and fine detail it’s capable of.  And yes, these images are of the physical shirts hot off the press – this machine is incredible and we think you’ll agree.