Arch Enemy / Covered in Blood Double Vinyl
Arch Enemy / Covered in Blood Double Vinyl
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Covered in Blood Double Vinyl

Arch Enemy



Extensive compilation featuring all cover songs the band, Arch Enemy, has recorded. Double vinyl is in bright pink – a rare and hard to find color.

Vinyl shipped to customers will be factory sealed – images are for descriptive purposes.


A1 Shout – Tears For Fears
A2 Back To Back-Pretty Maids
A3 Shadow On The Wall-Mike Oldfield
A4 Breaking The Law-Judas Priest

B1 Nitad-Moderat Likvidation
B2 When The Innocent Die-Anti-Cimex
B3 Warsystem-Skitslickers
B4 Armed Revolution-Skitslickers
B5 Spräckta Snutskallar-Skitslickers
B6 The Leader (Of the Fuckin’ Assholes)-Skitslickers
B7 City Baby Attacked By Rats-G.B.H.
B8 Warning-Discharge

C1 The Zoo-Scorpions
C2 Wings Of Tomorrow-Europe
C3 The Oath-KISS
C4 The Book Of Heavy Metal-Dream Evil
C5 Walk In The Shadows-Queensryche
C6 Incarnated Solvent Abuse-Carcass

D1 Kill With Power-Manowar
D2 Symphony Of Destruction-Megadeth
D3 Aces High-Iron Maiden
D4 Scream Of Anger-Europe
D5 Starbreaker-Judas Priest
D6 The Ides Of March-Iron Maiden