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Rebellion Republic is independently owned and operated by Oscar and Sarah Martinez – with their joint history in both the music industry and entrepreneurship, their strengths bring complementary support to the artists the company represents. Artists take comfort in knowing there’s no bigwig investors needing to approve products and it also allows for the company’s mission and values to remain consistent.

Rebellion Republic  aligns with artists to convert their stories and craft into unique and compelling merchandise allowing them to connect with fans all over the globe.

We provide our artists with quality products utilizing responsible resources whenever possible, and we work to empower their success by helping them project and better understand their merch income as well as giving them the tools to sell more efficiently online as well as on the road.  

Artists deserve to not only have great products, but to also have their talents be supported, encouraged, and represented.

Creativity is inherently bold, unique and rebellious; it requires the creator to step out of the bounds and challenge the status quo – we not only nourish that at Rebellion Republic, we are that.

With two decades in both the band merchandising business and music industry, we’ve learned where holes in the process are as well as how to fix them.

Alongside the support of our worldwide partners and the backing of an innovative team made up of artists and rebellious spirits – we’re here to not only support the headliners, but the up and coming creatives as well.

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From shipping materials to prints, we work to be as Earth friendly as possible


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our leaders

Alongside our incredible warehouse team, graphic artists, printers, and office support
we’d like to introduce you to the the leaders of Rebellion Republic.



With over twenty years in the record label and music merchandise industry, Oscar has gained the knowledge, experience and expertise to make sure your merchandise not only looks great, but that it's innovative and exactly what your fans are wanting. He'll be your partner every step of the way and he's the guy every artist wants in their corner.

Sarah V


Sarah's past experience holding the position of COO gives her the tools to keep us running at peak condition. She's behind the scenes ensuring artists have an impeccable experience from start to finish and thrives in socially and Earth-minded business operations while also owning an internationally multi-time awarded photography company.



Born in Okinawa, Japan and residing in Los Angeles, this master of graphic design has been creating and distorting images for over two decades. With skills in Photoshop and Illustrator, Hattori not only creates unique designs but he also dominates the industry with his complex art separation abilities; he's the absolute best at making your designs come to life.



Combining her love and appreciation for music and art with years of superior management and customer service skills, Liz makes sure the day to day needs of the office are always met and cared for. She's organized, detail oriented, dedicated to supporting the industry and can frequently be found in the concert crowd of her favorite artists.

What Our Customers & The Fans Are Saying

Saturated, crisp prints that represent the art perfectly. Super soft, ethical materials that are true blacks to make the art pop – you’ll never want to take them off. Here’s a sampling of messages from customers!
“My merch arrived from Rebellion Republic and I am STOKED!! The shirt is unbelievably soft, guys…and finally a patch for my jacket. Thank you!”

instagram post
“Hello Folks at Rebel Repub, I just wanted to thank you for your outstanding service and your great products...very cool"

Stan F.
Email Message
“The joy of a brand new addition to my closet – this wonderfully soft and amazing hoodie, absofuckinglutely LOVE it!! HUGE thanks to Rebellion Republic for making it possible for me to own.”
Jane C.
Instagram post
"Yo! I got the back patch and it's fucking amazing! Never seen a back patch with such stellar work! Thanks for sending it out so fast!"
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“Just got my shirt. So bad ass!! Great quality, and it got here fast af. Will definitely order again.”
Christian S.
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